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Welcome to City Lights Antique Lighting. City Lights first opened its doors in 1975, and for over 30 years, we have had the largest and finest collection of antique chandeliers and wall sconces in New England. City Lights sells both American and European lighting focusing on these styles: Aesthetic movement, Rococo, French Empire, Deco, and Victorian, as well as chandeliers we ornament to our own design.

We strive to find the best examples of each style.

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We have a wide selection of antique and vintage glass lamp shades including glass shades for antique gas and electric chandeliers and wall sconces; antique Gone With the Wind and kerosene globes; hard-to-find 2 5/8" and 5" gas shades and antique cylinders and glass globes for hanging hall lights and fixtures. 

Single etched, also called transfer-etch or decal etched: this is the quick and dirty type of etching. It will be either an etched image on a clear field (not so good) or a clear image on an etched field (better). The etch will be shallow, have fairly well defined edges, and often show a seam where the transfer resist had met and over-lapped.
Double etched, also known as acid etched or deep etch.: this will be an etched image on an etched field with no areas of clear (more desirable). Edges of image will be crisp and well defined.
Pressed: the design will be cast into the glass and raised above it. Sometimes pressing and etching will be combined.
Fitter or shade mount: this is the place where the shade attaches to the lamp. It will either be a lip fitter, meaning a rolled lip of glass meant to be held by screws, or a straight fitter. A straight fitter rests in a ring or cups without any screws.

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